Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Kitchen Tips with Jennie: Cutting Cherry Tomatoes

I can't take credit for this...I learned it on The Chew (RIP).

If you need to cut a lot of cherry tomatoes, put them all on the top of a lid, then put a second lid on upside down on top of the tomatoes and use a bread knife to slice through all the tomatoes.

Here are some pictures to help make sense of that.

Tomatoes on the top of a lid. See the lip of the lid. You can see an empty lid at the top of the picture.

And I took the second lid and flipped it upside down and put it on top of the tomatoes. So you are looking at the part of the lid that would be inside the container if it was on the container.
And you put the knife between the lids...hold the lid down and slice back and forth.

And all those tomatoes are sliced!!!!
It's amazing! 20 seconds instead of a few minutes! Seriously. One of the best tricks.

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