Tuesday, January 15, 2019

My Disney Park Bag Essentials

I envy the people who can go into a Disney Park with just what they have on them. I like to bring everything that I could possibly need to be comfortable for the time I will be in the park.

So what are those things? I'm here to share that list with you today!

1. Personal Care Items
Deodorant wipes, feminine wipes, body spray, Lactaid pills, Advil, Tide Pen, antibacterial baby wipes, and eye drops.

2. Park Specific
Ponchos, Bandanas, nice pennies and quarters for the penny pressing machines, and Ziploc bags.

3. Tech Essentials
External Battery and appropriate charging cords.

4. Weather Necessities
March-December: Handheld Fans, and Cooling Towels.
December-February: Layers.

And that is it!

What am I missing? What do you think I should leave out of my bag?

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